2005 - Game 1 - Mesquite-McClintock-Dobson 2 / Cactus Shadows 1

Okay Falcons.... What I saw from a parent's /non-coach's view of game 1.

You controlled the puck and kept the action in Mesquite's end of the ice for the majority of the game. Unfortunately, you did not get shots on net. One too many move, one too many attempt to get a little closer to the net, etc. Sometimes, you guys need extra action in front of the opponents net. Take a shot, throw it on net. I'm sure you guys heard it from Rob and Joel....

Here is a video Matt Jr. put together. Kyle Martinez has a great hit. Matt, my son, has that duck-down/gonna-get-a-penalty shot, Guy with a nice hit (Hey Guy, do more of that!!!), and we have the goal by Cal.



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